You get the perk.

We do the work. Every week, Craft Kollective will deliver a different beer from a local brewery. Let Craft Kollective curate and procure the best seasonal picks from the best local brewers. Discover great local beer and reward yourself, your co-workers or your staff for all their hard work.
Treat yo’self

Some companies talk about great job perks. Nothing beats the best fresh and local craft beer selections curated and delivered exclusively for your employees.

You’re a rock star

You have important things to do. Let us put in the time to procure and develop a beer program that makes you an office hero.

Enjoy better beer

Drink beer worthy of you, your co-workers or your staff. Let our experts get you out of that unflattering waterered-down beer rut and explore what your local community has to offer.

Support Local

Why drink something that gets shipped from so far away when some of the best craft beer is right here? Enjoy extra special, unique and rare selections from local brewers.

So many choices

Craft brewers continue to innovate and produce high quality beers with the best quality ingredients. With so many choices and styles of beer, it's hard to know what to try. Leave the selection to Craft Kollective, it’s easy, fast AND delivered!

Get Educated

IPAs, stouts, ales, lagers, oh my! Don’t fret Poindexter. We can help you make heads AND tails of it all. Taste, learn, comment and taste again.


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